The ultimate winter warmer

Cold nights call for winter warmers and nothing offers that like a spicy soup that soothes the soul.

This refreshing thai rice noodle soup delivers punchy heat and fresh vegetables; making it a winner for when you have a cold too.

Packed with pak choi, baby corn, spring onions and sprinkled with chilli it gives you a lot of your five a day.

Add to this some classic Asian condiments and you’ve got a new staple for your weekly winter dishes to roll out when you need a pick me up on a freezing day.


Cooked chicken, pint of chicken stock, baby corn, broccoli, pak choi, carrots, spring onions, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, fish sauce, fresh red chilli, rapseed oil, rice noodles, rice wine vinegar.


Prep is everything. Chop up some spring onions, garlic and ginger. Thinly slice some baby corn, carrots, broccoli, pak choi and any other fresh veg you fancy. Use pre-cooked chicken either pulled or chop up some cooked fillets. Get your wok or pan steaming hot with a touch of rapseed oil. Add all the veg and flash fry for two minutes. Now add a good splash of fish sauce, soy sauce and a little rice wine vinegar. Cook for a minute then add in your rice noodles and pour in enough chicken stock to cover all of the noodles, chicken and veg. Bring to a slow boil. Now set aside, spoon a good portion into a large noodle bowl and  sprinkle over some fresh sliced chilli to add as much heat as you fancy…


Why get a caterer in?

If you love a party, but not the work involved in preparing for it then you may have considered getting a caterer. Parties should allow you to enjoy the company of your friends and family without having to worry whether the snacks are burning away in the oven. That’s why many people choose a professional to come and relieve them of that concern. Here’s just a few reasons why you should consider hiring someone when you line up your next event:

Food ready to go

Forget the endless traipsing around numerous supermarkets in the hunt for the perfect ingredients. There’ll be no more hours trawling Pinterest looking up potential ideas or spending hours slaving away in the kitchen. Let chefs come in and take over you home with their food utensils using their foolproof recipes and ability to deliver food on time as and when you schedule it.

Service without the hassle

Serving up food when you’re trying to spend time with your guests is a bugbear that can ruin your enjoyment of a party or event. Caterers can instead bring in their own waiting staff who can bring round the food and explain it all while you mingle. Whether you have a food truck set up outside or a catering team cooking up a storm inside; everything is handled for you.

Let someone else clean up

When the party finishes, the mess left in the afternath can take the sparkle out of any event you host. Cleaning those baked on stains and returning your kitchen to a usable state can be a big chore. A caterer will always tidy up after themselves and because they use their own equipment and serving platters you’ll not be left with any damage or dirt to clear and can be free to bask in your post event glow

If you require a professional caterer in Colchester, then give us a call on 07738 569341 or email us at

Chateaubriand Rodders, as they say in the Dordogne

Give in, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas and that all important roast.

We’re sorry if you don’t like the thought of winter coming, but we do.

Cooking a beautiful roast is as close to that nordic feeling of ‘hygge’ that us Brits ever get.

Here at Beats Catering, we adore a roast. Slaving away for hours for just a few minutes of joy in the eating is totally worth it in our book.

As far as choosing the meat goes, we’ve tried them all. You can’t beat some good trusty turkey, but we’ve got something that ramps up the luxury and the flavour.

Head to your butcher and ask for Chateaubriand, it’s the most beautiful cut of fillet beef you can buy.

It’s not cheap mind, you’ll spend £30-£40 for max three people, but the taste is out of this world. No beef joint will ever live up to it.

Simpy seal it in a pan till browned and then throw it in the oven at 180-200 degrees for twenty minutes then leave it to rest.

Thank me later! 🙂


Cinema with a view

We had a fantastic night at the Royal Hospital School’s first drive-in cinema.

The evening was organised to honour ex-pupil, Bob Anderson, who was a famous fightscene choreographer in Hollywood.

Bob worked with some of the film industry’s biggest names and on iconic film series such as Star Wars (playing Darth Vader no less) and Pirates of the Caribbean.

To the food, we served up some beautiful 8-hour, achingly slow-cooked chilli with nachos, cheese, sour cream and guac.

Anni and I loved the event and the response to the food was amazing. You can never hear the phrase: ‘one more fully-loaded nachos’ too many times, trust me.

What a stunning setting and fun evening, thanks to KAT Marketing and Version Events for a great event.

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